2017 catalysis and chemical engineering summer school ended
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Under the entrust by Prof. Chenguang Liu and Prof. Zifeng Yan, Prof. Roel Prins of Federal Institute of Technology(ETH) invited another 4 professors to hold the summer school. The summer school aims to improve students’ academic capability and global horizon. The summer school attracted 100 doctors and postgraduates to attend.

The five professors come from europe or America. They all have good reputation in catalysis and chemical engineering field. They are:

Roel Prins: Switzerland,FederalInstitute of Technology (ETH), professor, Academician of the Dutch academy of sciencesformer editor of Journal of Catalysis.

Zoraida Freixa: Spain, Universidaddel País Vasco, professor.

Piet W.N.M. van Leeuwen: France, University of Toulouse, professor, winned Holleman Award given by Dutch academy of sciences.

Jacob Moulijn: Dutch, Delft University of Technology, professor, winned BP Energy Price.

Frits M. Dautzenberg: America, president of Serenix Corporation, associate professor of Technical University of Eindhoven.

The lecture includes several aspects. They are catalyst preparation and characterization, typical catalytic reaction, catalytic reaction engineering, homogeneous catalysis, catalyst test, economic evaluation index of catalyst, production of fine chemicals, reactor design, bio-fuels, challenge of enlarging experiment and expectation of energy.

All of the attendees think highly of this activity, they gain a lot in the process from three aspects. First, they improved their specialty literacy by learning major courses. Second, they have a new horizon for the scientific research. Third, their english capability have improved and they can benefit from writing of english science papers in the future.

In addition, through the summer school, we have close contact with these world known universities. We will hold more similar activity to have more communication with the world. Finally, to realize the aim to improve our university’s popularity in the world.

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