Students won the Eleventh National College of Chemical Engineering Design Competition Award
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On August 23rd,the Eleventh National Undergraduate Chemical Design Competition Final was concluded at Zhejiang University. SSR team, including Wang Qingzhen, Zhang Xiaodong, Qu Yue, Ren Lingxiao, and Guo Fengkai, won the Bronze Award, and award for excellence in engineering drawing, whose instructors are Ding Chuanqin, Hector Peijun and Zhang Haipeng.

The competition is titled "a device designed for deep desulfurization and utilization of resources for a certain sulfur-containing industrial waste gas source". And several modules of project feasibility study, technological process, equipment selection, automatic control, general layout, workshop and factory environment evaluation, safety evaluation and economic analysis of practical engineering design were designed by contestant, who using PPT and 3D modeling to display multi-dimensional design of the modern chemical plant or device. The projection of Quanzhou Petrochemical 30 thousand tons / year dry gas desulfurization project of two methyl sulfoxide eventually won the bronze medal.

“Thanks for college support, teacher's hard work and senior fellow apprentice’s helps. Finally, at the ceremony of the grand prize, the name of China University of Petroleum (East China) was sounded again.” Wang Qingzhen said, “This competition brings us not only honor, knowledge and the promotion of their comprehensive ability, but also a strong teacher-student sentiment and team friendship, that will be the wealth of our life. We continue to share our experience in design and competition, trying to help others, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs, to honor for the school to school.”

The National College of chemical engineering design contest, organized by the China Chemical Society, the China Chemical Industry Education Association, the Ministry of education and the Chemical Engineering Specialty Teaching Steering Committee, is a top event in the chemical industry, whose purpose is to train students' innovative thinking and engineering skills, and train team spirit, and enhance their engineering design and practical ability. There were 1749 teams from 305 colleges taking part in match. Among them, 60 teams participated in the national finals. The competition sets 12 special awards, one of the top three respectively won gold, silver and bronze, and 48 first prize, and modern design methods apply excellent awards, engineering drawings to draw outstanding awards, excellent design documents quality award and on-site defense performance award.

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