Professor Flora Ng andGarry Rempel from University of Waterloo came to our school to communicate
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Professor Flora Ng andGarry Rempel from University of Waterloo came to our school to communicate

  Recently, Professor Flora Ng and Professor Garry Rempel from University of Waterloo in Canada came to our university for academic communication. During this time, they also gave two academic reports for teachers and students in our university.

      In the report“Innovative Processes for the Production of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals”, Professor Flora Ng introduced the background of catalytic distilling process and the new type of solid acid catalyst as well as their latest application in the green production of fine chemicals as well as the production and processing of biomass fuels. In another report“Upgrading of Bitumen Emulsions with In situ Hydrogen”, Professor Flora Ng focused on the development of the technology of using asphalt emulsion to form hydrogen in situ when catalyst exists in the reaction to complete hydro-upgrading and the study of mutual effect between sulfur-containing compound and nitrogen-containing compound with the model compound as the study object. The development of this new reaction technology is of great importance to the processing and utilization of asphalt heavy oil.

    Professor Garry Rempel introduced the latest advancement of a study his research group is engaging on, which is about the synthesis, characterization of functional nano polymer materials as well as the research and development of new catalyst in his report“Functional Nano Polymers”. Furthermore, he highlighted the study of optimizing reaction technical conditions which is used in the selective catalytic-hydrogenation of natural rubber as well as researching new type of homogeneous catalyst in his report “Catalytic Hydrogentation of Natural Rubber”. Professor Rempel and his research group are of great significance to the production, research and development of large amounts of chemicals like rubber.

    Professor Flora Ng who obtained his doctorate from University of British Columbia is now a professor in the chemical engineering department of University of Waterloo in Canada. He mainly studies catalyst distillation, hydrogenation catalyst, emulsification restructuring of heavy oil, the production of gasoline and diesel with ultra-low sulfur content and the recycle of plastic. So Professor Flora Ng is a famous scholar around the world in the field of processing and utilization of heavy oil.

    Professor Garry L. Rempel, from the chemical engineering department of University of Waterloo in Canada, is a fellow of Canadian Royal Academy of Science. He has been the vice president, the present of Canadian Royal Academy of Science. Now, he is also the Guest Professor of Zhe Jiang University and Su Zhou University as well as an editorial board member of the international journal Reactive and Functional Polymers. The Professor mainly researches nanocomposite and nanometer polymer, homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous catalysis, polymer science and engineering and environmental chemistry and engineering and so on. Thus, he is a well-known scholar around the world in the field of material chemical engineering with published over 330 academic papers and 38 patents.


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