College of Chemical Engineering, UPC
College organized teachers and students to watch the 90th Anniversary of the People's Liberation Arm...
Sun Lili in the 79th class of oil refinery was awarded the honor of “Alumni Star” by China Univers...
The opening ceremony of Production safety seminar (Safety supervision of dangerous chemicals) was he...
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Party Committee of China Ocean University School visit our colleg...
2017-year undergraduates summer camp for chemical engineering was held.
Academic Seminar on Neutron Reflection Techniques
Upcoming talks
Upcoming talks
Professor Flora Ng andGarry Rempel from University of Waterloo came to our school to communicate
Our school’s teachers and students attended the fifth Global Conference of Catalytic Science and Te...
The Major of Applied Chemistry
The Major of Chemical Engineering and Technology
The research by our college undergraduate Zhao Xin was successfully published on ElectrochimicaActa
4 published in 2016 academic papers selected ESI high cited papers
Method for Detection of Cyanide : Using Ag@Au Core-shell Nanoparticles
Professor Zhang Jun’s research papers was published in《Journal of the American Chemical Society》
Cu–N Dopants Boost Electron Transfer and Photooxidation Reactions of Carbon Dots
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College of Chemical Engineering, China University of Petroleum

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