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Chemical Engineering and Technology is one of the main petroleum specialties and the first established backbone specialty of our university. It is a four-year specialty granting Bachelor of Engineering. Refining Engineering and Synthetic Oil (namely the predecessor of Chemical Engineering and Technology) were established in 1953 at the founding of China University of Petroleum (Beijing Petroleum Institute then). With the development of national economy, Refining Engineering and Synthetic Oil had been adjusted and renamed for many times. According to the national college catalog of specialty, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Process and Fine Chemicals have merged into Chemical Engineering and Technology.

This specialty is characterized by oil and natural gas processing. After years of subject development adhering to the principle of “strengthening foundation, emphasizing practice and enhancing capability ”, gratifying achievement is made around the construction of curriculum system, teaching material and engineering practice and innovation platform.

In theory teaching, we focus on consolidating students’ foundation in chemical engineering and strengthening the petroleum refining and chemical engineering expertise so as to form the specialty of Chemical Engineering featuring petrochemical. In practical teaching, we focus on cultivating students’ ability in engineering design, operating and management, as well as their scientific research method and thinking ability.

The construction and revolution of this specialty has received wide attention and approval. In 2006, this specialty was approved to be the Brand Specialty of College in Shandong Province. It received the China Engineering Education Accreditation in 2007. The expert group believed that this specialty had distinctive petrochemical features, outstanding advantages and advanced level. It has a solid teaching platform, strong academic background, professional teachers and good teaching conditions. In 2008, it was approved as a national first class specialty with characteristics. In 2010, it was included in the first batch of “Excellent Engineers Training Program” pilot specialty by the Ministry of Education and passed the extension application of China Engineering Education Accreditation.

In the future, the specialty of Chemical Engineering and Technology will rely on “Chemical Engineering and Technology” doctoral discipline and “chemical process” national key discipline to build a high-quality teaching team with combining teaching and scientific research, focusing on quality construction such as national and provincial quality courses. We will focus on deepening the teaching reform of curriculum, course content, teaching methods and other aspects, so as to form a new training model to meet requirements of quality by the society and enterprises. We will strengthen the hardware and build a practical teaching platform with a high level, in order to improve the specialty of Chemical Engineering and Technology to build a high level specialty with prominent chemical features, wide adaptation, and with the domestic “first-class teachers, first-class facilities, and first-class teaching”.

Chemical Engineering Department is the main department of schoolof Chemical Engineering. Its predecessor was Refining Department of Beijing Petroleum Institute which was established in 1953. After more than half a century’s construction, Chemical Engineering Department has developed into a teaching and research unit with distinctive petrochemical and engineering features. At present, Chemical Engineering Department has a doctoral specialty , two master specialties, and Chemical Engineering and Technology undergraduate specialty. We have the national key discipline, Chemical technology discipline, and national characteristic specialty-Chemical Engineering and Technology. There are about 400 doctors and masters and over 1,100 undergraduates. There are 42 staff members, including 9 professors, 18 associated professors and 15 lecturers; among them, there are 24 doctoral and master’s supervisors. We have advanced teaching and experimental equipment for scientific research.

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