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At present, there are 3816 students in the College of Chemical Engineering, including 2880 undergraduates and 936 graduates. Our college students work centers on the students' growth, takes the construction of style of study as the main line and the students' safety as bottom line. we dedicate to cultivating high-quality chemical talents with international perspective.

There are six students organizations, including Students Union, Youth Vonlteer AssociationScience and Technology Association, Students' Association Union, Art Club and Student Press Club. Based on the work system of the Communist Youth League, we have hosted many campus activities, like Earth Painting, Campus Talent Show, Interesting Experiments into the Campus, which students have actively partcipated in and greatly enrich students' life and provide a good platform for the extracurricular activities. Our college CYL committe has been awarded the honorary title many times of 'red flag' of the Communist Youth League, outstanding organizational unit of campus culture and art activities, outstanding organizational unit of social practice, outstanding organizational unit of science and technology activities and advanced collective of news propaganda.

Our college has taken many measures to promote the development of outstanding students, which are to encourage and support students to go abroad for further study and raise their international prespective. At present, we have set joint-training program with 20 key universities of 8 countries, including America and Australia, which has accumulatively cultivated 209 excellet students. In 2015, 993 students have graduated from our college and step into the society. Through full participation, full guidance and considerate service, we ultimately achieve the initial employment rate of more than 90 percent for 21 consecutive years.

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